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Smart City and Industry

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MK-11 integration with machinery, buildings, heavy and construction site vehicles enables digital twinning via 5G technology and Safety 4.0 through AI

MK-11 40 TOPS integrated NPU processes information from all the installed sensors by interpreting the data through CNN models tailored to each use case

AI Models

Space Connection

The connection to space technologies makes MK-11 technology independent and able to connect no matter the network coverage

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Unlimited  Drones 

Use Cases

Aerial Drones for Industry and Smart City  

Sport Industry

Water-Tech and Agri-Tech

Infrastructure Monitoring

Fire Fighting

Medi-Kit Drop Off

Dangerous Environment Monitoring

Construction Site Monitoring

Search & Rescue

Waste Management

Robotics for Industry and Smart Cities

The Space 11 Digital Twin platform ensuring continuous data reporting and monitoring of unlimited parameters, Emergencies management or Active Action in Autonomous Configuration


PPE Monitoring

SOS Request Detection

Dangerous Area Monitoring

Man Down Detection

Anti-Collision or Collision Avoidance

New Era for Safety 

Thanks to the stacked AI models and sensors integrated within the MK-11, the device has the ability to detect various dangerous conditions and implement lockouts or send emergency notifications / commands to pre-existing systems.